We introduce our youngest member of the DAXware family --> our transmission protocol AS2

AS2 is a transmission standard which is used in many lines of business, especially in the distributive trades, which provides safe data transmission by using a digital signature and encryption.

The AS2 protocol is available in our product variants engDAX and ediDAX as of January 2019 in the latest product version 3.0.3. Our SaaS solutions are catching up a bit later and AS2 will also be available in clearDAX or teamDAX from April 2019.

With AS2, we have integrated another protocol in our data exchange platform, that is used by the trading business and enables the replacement of old and expensive transmission standards such as X.400.

If you have customers in the trading business, use the opportunity to connect to them via DAXware version 3.0.3 with the new AS2 module.

If you are interested, please contact our sales team on:
Tel. +49 (0) 811 9592-430
Email: sales(@)huengsberg.com